No more walking away from pain

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I always hear my brother talk about how his kickbox trainer motivates him with the phrase 'no pain, no gain’. When they have to take blows from the knees in the stomach, he prefers to shout, 'blood is good'. My relationship with pain elevated to a higher level in 2012. One Atlantic wave, one relaxing dip in the water, and

depending or relying on?

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Steven is smiling friendly as he tells me that he wakes up at night and ponders. He's somewhere in snowy Canada. Because he chose to have his own business, he doesn't feel like it's right to wake his wife up in the middle of the night. Steven is a dad of two. He has grown his company to the point

Future of Work

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High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce. Hybrid work is here to stay, but it's challenging employee wellbeing. Research from Microsoft shows that digital exhaustion is real and more burnout is lurking in the hybrid future of work. It's paramount to take action when the workforce is responding like this 54% feel overworked. 39% feel exhausted. The report shows that the

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