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Feelings of burnout are at all time highs. Hybrid work is challenging employee wellbeing.

Discover how you can perform at an exceptional level, without feeling overworked or exhausted.

Reprogram Yourself


In a week full of deadlines and responsibilities, it’s time to value
active recovery as a critical component for burn-out prevention.

access your own


outdated programming

Fear of Failure / Overthinking / Perfectionism

– Blurry Boundaries / Unhealthy Expectations

– Negative Self Image / Toxic Inner Critic

Always On / Rarely Disengaged

with new programming

Embrace your Fear of Failure


– Solve your Overthinking


– Celebrate your boundaries


– Tame your Perfectionism


– Trust your Burn-out

Love Change

– Recognize the energy you need

Disengage like a pro

Supercharge in 5 minutes

Never burn out again

Live an exceptional life

How do youWhen do youWith who do youWhere do you




My methodology enables and encourages you to replenish your energy levels.

What My Clients Say

Your time is valuable. You can count on energy and inspiration from me!

“meaningful impact”

We’re getting amazing feedback from the session, and I also personally enjoyed it. We had a total of 60 Googlers dialed in. 100% “feel better equipped to manage their energy”
Raisa Cuevas, Google

“the course was spot on!”

I just found your email in my junk. And it was a reminder to say a big thank you for the Fear of Failure Workshop. I really enjoyed the environment you created for lots of people to come in and open up. I thought the rhythm of the course was spot on.
Nicolas Robinson, TBWANEBOKO

“simple but useful”

The presentation was spot on and it triggered me so I just want to know more about it! The energy model is easy to understand. Please keep inspiring people!
Roxanna Pavlov, JCI

optimize the

My solutions address the individual root causes of overwhelm and burnout.

The result?
Optimal energy management. Sustainable peak performance. Renewable motivation and creativity. Practical skills for resilience. Productivity without burnout.

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Why Work With Me?

Trusted by resilient brands

dedicated to burnout prevention.

Hybrid work is here to stay, but it’s challenging employee wellbeing. Team members feeling overworked or exhausted impacts the entire organization. Resignations and burnouts increase the workload on the remaining team, hurt the bottom line and company culture.


Employees connect on a human level over mental health and work-life balance solutions. Invest in people & culture by providing team activities with practical tools to manage energy.

Burnout Prevention is a Team Sport

Get in touch with me today and let’s make sure your people Stay Energized.

Social Media and Burnout

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"I had to quit my old job. The big corporate culture didn't do me any good. My manager didn't respect life outside of office hours and I didn't feel like the work was purposeful. It was either quitting or burning

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