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Do your best in school and get a good job. Eventually, you are trading your time for money. Time is only spent, unlike money. Whenever you are sick, you’re confronted with how little value time has, when your battery is depleted.

Your energy level determines your mood, where your attention goes and how conscious you live your life.

With low energy, productivity and resilience drops. Address the feelings of burnout at the root – energy management.

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Energized or exhausted?

The work hard – play hard mentality is outdated. Considering rest as something that is earned or deserved is one of the root causes of burnout.


Your phone is just a piece of plastic with an empty battery. Your car is not going to accelerate with a low charge.


You yourself are only able to fulfill your potential with the right amount and type of energy.

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You have root access

Over a decade, I’ve evolved a unique, science-based approach to help individuals, leaders and teams to solve the root causes of burnout.

Key practices:

  • address root causes of burnout in internal programming

  • acknowledge sources of stress – energy drainers across 8 dimensions

  • build resilience by reloading through active recovery – energy gainers across 8 dimensions

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