Love Change

In 2012 life’s adventure fundamentally challenged the way I live. Breaking my neck at the age of 25 forced me to embrace life in a new body.

How do you make sense of the times when everything seems to be stacked up against you?

It’s understandable to struggle with unwanted change. Seeing the silver lining is easier said than done. My experience: it’s getting undersold as just a line. I look at the other side of the coin – and if you like, I teach you  how to do it too.

Dreaming big is a passion of mine – and making dreams reality is what I do with my clients.

You can only make your time in this life count if you have enough energy. Years of researching, testing, and fine tuning brought me to revelations that allow me to out-perform my old body, with less effort. 

Love Change is my mantra. It’s in my breath.

Whether you want to knock on Change’s door, or it is knocking on yours; without the right amount of energy, it’s impossible to move.

Storytelling (my heritage) infused with design thinking (my trade) brewed my career as a coach, facilitator and speaker.  My learnings on How to Human are modeled into the Energy Management Compass. A toolkit and curriculum for learning how to harvest energy in a sustainable way.

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Love Change


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