When was the last time you updated your human operating system? To cope with and thrive in the environment you grew up in, you programmed yourself.

However, you have grown, and some of that initial programming is outdated. Maybe you are aware of the bugs, have experienced some errors, or want to play life on a different level.

Amor Muto

Plenty of energy

Together, we clarify what you consider unwanted programming and which foundations require change so that you Stay Energized.

We define the updates necessary to achieve the state of being you desire and to create the life you want. To implement these root changes, we uncover how you reload your battery best.

Having fun doing hard things

Since I broke my neck in 2012, I have become a student of change. Through my journey, I have learned how to get good at change. How to reload and energize yourself, to take on any change.

Brave souls all around the world gravitate to me to work on manifesting extraordinary lives. What kind of journey do you intend to have while you are here?

Move Forward Intentionally

Figuring out where to start is important when you want to update your internal programming. That’s why I’m sharing the Intentional Transformation Playbook for free. The perfect guide to answer what moves your life forward.

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  • 16+ years experience as a entrepreneur
  • 50+ burn-out recoveries coaching and facilitating
  • 800+ Yoga Nidra sessions facilitated
  • International speaker for companies like Google, Airbnb and TheNewSchool
  • Lived in 3 different countries – in a wheelchair

How do youWhen do youWith who do youWhere do you




My methodology enables and encourages you to replenish your energy levels.

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