Amor Muto – Love for Change

In 2012 life’s adventure fundamentally challenged the way I live. After breaking my neck at the age of 25, I was forced to learn to embrace life in a new body.

I learned that time is only worth something with enough energy. I had to spend years researching, finetuning, and testing how to find balance and live life in a new way. This brought an extensive focus on the importance of harvesting and managing energy. I am dedicated to share my experience and expertise around dealing with change with as many human beings as possible.

In order to share my findings, I modeled my learning into the Energy Management Compass. A toolkit and curriculum for learning how to harvest energy in a sustainable way. As a facilitator I create space for participants to explore and experiment with new ways of being.

I’m here to be of service

Through Curiosity, Creativity & Compassion


Resilient Clients