Social Media and Burnout

"I had to quit my old job. The big corporate culture didn't do me any good. My manager didn't respect life outside of office hours and I didn't feel like the work was purposeful. It was either quitting or burning out." Many millennials find themselves in similar situations like my latest client, Tobias. They have

depending or relying on?

Steven is smiling friendly as he tells me that he wakes up at night and ponders. He's somewhere in snowy Canada. Because he chose to have his own business, he doesn't feel like it's right to wake his wife up in the middle of the night. Steven is a dad of two. He has grown

Intimidating Goals

2022 is here. For some reason, a new year creates both excitement, and anxiety. Setting bold goals for the new year can sometimes feel intimidating. We start the year optimistically, with big aspirations. We try to achieve every single goal on our lists, working towards a vision. But as the months go by, we realize

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Celebrating Boundaries

December Holidays are days that we are meant to spend with our loved ones, but in many cases, these gatherings can get on our nerves. Family members asking awkward questions, criticizing our life decisions, and the list goes on. Sometimes, rather than a family reunion, it feels like entering the butcher. I want to share

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Nightmare on Holiday St

If you think everyone looks forward to reuniting with family during December holidays, I have a story for you. One of my clients opened my eyes to a different experience in this cold month. She didn't cherish any fond memories like family recipes or hugs and gifts around the fireplace. The outlook of spending more

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wanted: Perfect Partner

They say there’s a lid for every pot. But they don't say anything about how or where to find the lid. How do you even start looking for a perfect partner? My dream partner certainly holds expectations that aren’t even mine. I’ve learned my parents’ standards by heart: financial stability, raised in a “good” family

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