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“High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce.”


Hybrid work is here to stay, but it’s challenging employee wellbeing. Team members feeling overworked or exhausted impacts the entire organization. Resignations and burnouts increase the workload on the remaining team, hurt the bottom line and company culture. 


Leadership and HR professionals face obstacles improving employee wellbeing while navigating volatility, uncertainty, and complexity in a hybrid environment.

How do we detectavoidreleasemanagebalance stress?

Burnout prevention
As a team commitment

  • How do you check on your personal battery level?

  • What gains or drains your energy the most?

  • When is it time to reload?

Employees connect on a human level over mental health and work-life balance solutions. Invest in people & culture by providing team activities with practical tools to manage energy.


Energized teams stay inspired, creative and competitive – they deliver the best results. Share inspiration and implementation methods of resilience.


Drive transformation and navigate change with a shared commitment – to Stay Energized.

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The workshop was very inspiring! Thanks Amor for sharing your story and experiences. Plenty of food for thought, presented clear and understandable.

London Googler

The presentation was spot on and it triggered me so much I just want to know more about the energy model. It helps me understand myself better.

JCI Member
Thank you for running this workshop, I thought it was really valuable for my own reflection and a great opportunity to connect across NE.
Sweden Googler

It was an excellent presentation and a reminder that our life may change in 1 minute, and that we need to go on, working hard to achieve our goals.

TNS Medellin



My mission is simple: prevent burnout.

That’s why I facilitate safe spaces where people reflect, learn and implement sustainable performance habits. Your time is valuable. That’s why you can count on practical tools from me.

Inspiration Session

  • 30 – 45 minutes – €2200 exc. VAT

  • Energize & motivate team to prevent burnout
  • Discover how to recognize energy drainers & gainers
  • Learn best practices & strategies to Stay Energized

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Implementation Session

  • 90 – 120 minutes – €4500 exc. VAT

  • Educate & activate team to prevent burnout

  • Discover when & how you reload best – as a person and as a team

  • Cultivate resilience with team activity

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Custom Solution

  • Tailored to your organizational goals

  • Duration & price upon request

  • Available for executives, leadership and middle management

  • Inspiration, education and implementation around burnout causes and prevention

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Popular Topics

  • Overthinking

  • Perfectionism

  • Fear of Failure

  • Navigating Uncertainty

  • Reloading in High Pressure Environment

  • Blurry Boundaries

  • Digital Fatigue

  • Always On

  • Hybrid Work-Life Balance

  • Digital Onboarding

  • Volatile Environments

  • Toxic Productivity

  • Overwhelm and Uncertainty

  • Distraction and Low Productivity

  • Expressing Emotions

Stay Energized sessions have a NPS of 9.1

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Amor delivered an inspiring presentation to a large group of Google employees across Europe. His “Own the Unknown” session was the highest-rated in our week-long program for Accessibility & Disability Inclusion Week. Participants shared their praise for Amor’s honest, touching story and the valuable food for thought.
Raisa Cuevas, Google EMEA

Amor is a great coach and excellent speaker. He has a way of packaging his ideas in stories so that they’re more relatable, understandable and usable.

As a coach he’s great at connecting the head with the heart. I recommend him highly!

Richard Heller, Conflict Coach
Our team was assigned with a task that was avoided for the past 10 years – because of the complexity.

Amor’s inspirational session aligned our understanding of what makes a resilient team. All of us co-signed the commitment to stay energized while getting the job done.

Dick Nijland, Asset Management Compris

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dedicated to burnout prevention.





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