Drinking coffee like lemonade?
Sundays upset you?
Surviving thanks to vacation?

Office Athletes and Remote Families pay the true cost of burnout. Pushing yourself beyond tired takes a toll on your mental health. Feeling overwhelm and anxiety about a never-ending todo list makes it impossible to enjoy the little free time you have.

Being a high achiever does not have to lead to burning out.

The solution is simple:
upgrade the layers of personal

programming that cause burnout.

Not self-sacrificingexhaustedfearing failurelethargicoverstressedanxiousoverthinkingsleep deprived anymore

Act on your

The tight neck and shoulders hurt. The sugar and caffeine boost don’t last. Ambition, competition, and your sense of responsibility push you beyond exhaustion when the letters start dancing on the screen.


Figuring out where to start is important when you want to update your internal programming. That’s why I’m sharing the Intentional Transformation Playbook for free. The perfect guide to answer what moves your life forward.

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Working and worrying brought me to a point that I had zero quality me-time. Reloading myself became the foundation for performance with Amor.

tired and uninspired, 31 yr business lawyer
I thought work was supposed to be super stressful, because everybody was stressed out. With Amor I learned how to celebrate my boundaries.
It was business as usual, 33 yr Strategy Consultant

I kept appearances up at the office, but at home I was decaying into a absent ghost. Now I know my family is my source of energy and I reload on time.

Admitting it was the hardest part, 41 yr entrepreneur

The to do list is just too long to take a break when I need it. So I skip breaks, forget to drink and crash on an empty stomach. Amor helped me reconfigure my priorities.

I forgot about my basic needs, 25 yr Creative

I would collapse into a weird illness on vacations and weekends. Now I know how to follow my dream career without sacrificing my health.

I paid with my happiness, 29 yr Marketing


Dedicated to upgrading the source of your internal dialogue. Fitting your tight schedule.

  • 90 minute investment

  • 25€

  • tools, worksheets, videos and e-support

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Who is in your corner when you’re facing your personal Goliath?


Together we clarify what you consider unwanted programming and which foundations require change. We define the updates necessary to achieve the state of being you desire and the life you want. Implementation and accountability guaranteed:

  • Deep knowledge of self and understanding the origins of your outdated programming.

  • Overcome internal blocks by reframing pain, fear and trauma.

  • Rapid implementation with tailored intentions.

Coaching Package

  • €750 inc. VAT

  • 4 x 50-minute sessions
  • accountability & e-support
  • tools, worksheets & exercises

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  • €250 inc. VAT
  • 90-minute breakthrough session

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment
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Coaching Package

  • €1650 inc. VAT
  • 10 x 50-minute sessions
  • accountability & e-support
  • tools, worksheets and exercises
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WOW – I don’t know what else to say. Amor shares his lessons in such an engaging way that leaves you energized for days.

Narges, Yagoy Yoga

Amor helped me to look at my roots and talents. He has a way with words that feels like acupuncture.

Ismail, OLVA Construction

His kind, intuitive, warm and flexible style of coaching helped me to renew myself. I also found ease and safety with the help of his meditative tracks.

Selin, Financial Analyst