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No more walking away from pain

I always hear my brother talk about how his kickbox trainer motivates him with the phrase 'no pain, no gain’. When they have to take blows from the knees in the stomach, he prefers to shout, 'blood is good'. My relationship with pain elevated to a higher level in 2012. One Atlantic wave, one relaxing

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depending or relying on?

Steven is smiling friendly as he tells me that he wakes up at night and ponders. He's somewhere in snowy Canada. Because he chose to have his own business, he doesn't feel like it's right to wake his wife up in the middle of the night. Steven is a dad of two. He has grown

Intimidating Goals

2022 is here. For some reason, a new year creates both excitement, and anxiety. Setting bold goals for the new year can sometimes feel intimidating. We start the year optimistically, with big aspirations. We try to achieve every single goal on our lists, working towards a vision. But as the months go by, we realize

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Giving vs. Receiving

What do you enjoy more? Receiving or giving? Most people I work with are natural givers, and the ‘gift season’ offers interesting challenges. Bigger is better. The more the merrier. What do you give to someone who has everything? Apparently, that question holds a painful truth. A 37-year-old corporate athlete that just burned out taught

Kind (grand)parents

My Nana is hands down the nicest person in the world. Without a shadow of a doubt. She bakes my favorite pastries even when it’s not a special occasion. She lights up every room with her contagious smile, and therefore, invites others to smile alongside her. She makes it seem so effortless! She’s the only

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