Time without Energy 
Is a waste of time

You want to manifest your full potential. Personally and professionally. Looking at your predecessors and peers, burn out is a real thing. You set the bar higher.


Freedom is more important than money and status to you. But when are you truly free in an always connected world?

Let’s make burnout a thing from the past

The hybrid office is here to stay. You’re productive – and tired. Working long hours, ignoring fatigue and poor productivity.

The free time you have isn’t worth much when you’re exhausted. Figuring out how you Stay Energized is fundamental.

Find out how

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I’ve been studying the human battery ever since I broke my neck in 2012. Burnout is only 35% work-related, what happens in your personal life matters.

The human battery is complex – yet simple: stress costs energy. Loads of stress means low energy. So how do you reload?

Energy Management Compass

There are 8 Energetic Dimensions that affect your human battery. Different types of stress – different types of energy.


Update your human OS by addressing your root programming – how and when you Stay Energized.

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see personal solutions


  • Updating your root programming
  • Addressing sources of burnout
  • Monitoring Personal Energy Levels

  • Active Reloading Rituals
  • Acknowledging 7 basic emotions
  • Coupling performance with reloading

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