Resilience – what is it?

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You probably have a friend who's really good at bouncing back from a rough patch. Terrible things can happen in their life and yet they are able to stay positive and get through it without letting their problems drag them down for too long. If this sounds like someone you know, then that person has what psychologists call resilience. Good

Stress is guaranteed. So is burnout?

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If you look at the research, every gender from every generation is feeling the wear and tear of life. And it's crazy, that almost none (!) of the turbulence you experience in this life is physical. But you are guaranteed of stress. Digital stress, financial stress, emotional, mental, social stress, environmental stress. And I'm not even asking you how you

Social Media and Burnout

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"I had to quit my old job. The big corporate culture didn't do me any good. My manager didn't respect life outside of office hours and I didn't feel like the work was purposeful. It was either quitting or burning out." Many millennials find themselves in similar situations like my latest client, Tobias. They have to make the decision Tobias

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