Winter Dip

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Out of all the things that people come to me for and what I coach people on, this topic remains a challenge for me. Maybe you know it as the Dip, the Blues or Winter Depression. If you're familiar with this experience you know what it feels like. If you don't know: getting out of bed seems impossible and keeping your eyes

Outdated Mindset maybe?

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You're online, so you're getting bombarded with all the New Year resolutions programs. Catchy hooks about quarantine and remote work life. How a free webinar will change your life. I don't buy it. You don't buy it. Who buys this stuff anyways? As a group coach who's motto is Stay Energized, I watch the Cycle of Change like I watch

Intimidating Goals

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2022 is here. For some reason, a new year creates both excitement, and anxiety. Setting bold goals for the new year can sometimes feel intimidating. We start the year optimistically, with big aspirations. We try to achieve every single goal on our lists, working towards a vision. But as the months go by, we realize that we couldn’t make everything

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