You’re online, so you’re getting bombarded with all the New Year resolutions programs. Catchy hooks about quarantine and remote work life. How a free webinar will change your life. I don’t buy it. You don’t buy it. Who buys this stuff anyways?

As a group coach who’s motto is Stay Energized, I watch the Cycle of Change like I watch the clock. Because I Love Change. You can check up on last years resolutions, create new ones, and not mention the topic until next year. Or, you agree with me that

with the increasing speed of change, your mindset can use a reset every couple of months. Checking in on yourself is a quarterly tradition.

Introducing you to mindREset – an Energetic Check-up & Realignment. This group program runs every 3 months. So if you miss this one, you can join in April. And no, it’s not free, you pay with time, energy AND money. Some participants throw in some sweat and tears. We all laugh, bond and grow.

mindREset starts with the foundation: what changes did you experience in the last 3 – 6 months? You can have big ambitions for the coming period, but if you just experienced some unwanted change, we have to check up on how that impacted you AND how exactly you are bouncing back. Stronger. Smarter. Kinder.

Knowing how your human battery is doing makes the difference between burning out and being unstoppable.

And that’s why we check up on your human battery every couple of months. Nothing in nature blooms all year round. Every season activates different systems in our sophisticated battery. In this course you will be guided through embodiment practices to release negative energy and deepen the connection you have with your sources of strength.

don't make me walk when I want to fly

mindREset finishes with a deep realignment. Life-changing events, lessons you learned, new people and places in your journey, all these elements effect your outlook on life. Revisiting your vision every couple of months is a habit used by high performers who achieve things most consider ‘impossible’. Like a guy in a wheelchair who moves countries for the 3rd time. Fingers crossed the third is a charm ;)

This program is designed for you to clarify your personal take-aways from the previous period and transform these insights into a realigned vision to empower yourself. You’ll walk away with audio and visual reminders of what life you want to create for yourself, and how to overcome your internal obstacles.

Once you have root access to your programming, you can update yourself and recreate your mindset. Every day you have the opportunity to create a new version of yourself. Every quarter, we get together to make mindREset a ritual and have clear answers to the following question:

What habits, tools and practices do you have in place to set yourself up for the change you have in mind?