2022 is here. For some reason, a new year creates both excitement, and anxiety. Setting bold goals for the new year can sometimes feel intimidating.

We start the year optimistically, with big aspirations. We try to achieve every single goal on our lists, working towards a vision. But as the months go by, we realize that we couldn’t make everything happen as we planned.

For a while, I didn’t know what to do this year. I couldn’t start the year without setting any goals, but I also didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t keep the promises that I made to myself again.

I have ambitions and I work hard. Still, I find myself overreaching, over-expecting, forgetting how life can throw curveballs, so I swing and miss.

Feeling disappointed in yourself is counter productive. I want to fulfill my own expectations, and I don’t want to settle for less than I know I can achieve. So I make a list, but a different one from the almost impossible lists that I have been writing all these years.

I want to share with you a technique that I’m using, not only with myself but also with my clients. I believe that just as it has been working for us, it will also help you feel confident to set bigger goals for yourself.

This technique works differently with everyone, but let me share how it came to existence.

Last year, a client reached out to me because she felt like she wasn’t moving any closer to her goals. Her new year resolutions was to buy a new house. It didn’t happen. Not just the crazy market prices, but also due to the economic hit her sector – hospitality – took from quarantine. To add to the mix, she went through a breakup and became a single mom. Her desire to buy a house seemed impossible with the time and energy her new-born required and how much hours she had left for making an income. The whole situation made her feel devastated because she had to move in with a friend.

“I feel like a failure. I’m living like when I was back in college, but with a kid.”

When we spoke for the first time, she told me that she didn’t feel like writing down new year’s resolutions. She said that she would rather just go with the flow, instead of making a list of goals that she wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

I could relate to that feeling one hundred percent, but I’m all about bouncing back. And facilitating how my clients get back up. I challenged both of us to innovate on how we make this list, reflecting on the purpose of why we have resolutions.

We gave each goal different levels of success: bronze, silver and gold. The level depends on the difficulty and time that it would take to achieve each stage of the goal. I recommended my client to start with short-term goals, and with those we would build the way up to long-term goals. The point of this technique is about attempting and learning while you keep approaching higher and bigger achievements

My client has lost the anxiety that comes with big goals because she breaks it up in different levels. This way she grades her levels of success and keeps coming back for gold.

As they say, sometimes walking slow takes you further, and that’s what this technique is all about.

The trick is to celebrate every single step and little achievement, so that we can actually enjoy the journey towards our destination.

Try not to be hard on yourself, and keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

At the end of the day, sometimes things don’t necessarily go your way, but they end up even better than you could have expected. Plus, you always end up learning, overcoming obstacles and feeling stronger after every experience that you have and every moment that you live.

I invite you to write down your list of goals for 2022, but give every goal three different levels of difficulty / success. Use the Olympic medals if you like, or imagine a goal from 10 to 100 percent.

The point is to acknowledge the progress you make on your goals and celebrate the progress. Compare that to feeling frustrated and stressing out because it’s not done yet.

I’m facilitating a mindREset to help you with an energetic check-up and realignment so that you can start this year fired up and good to go. Feel welcome to join this group of brave souls!

If you need guidance you can always reach out to me, I am curious how I can help you figure out the best way to set yourself up for success.