“I had to quit my old job. The big corporate culture didn’t do me any good. My manager didn’t respect life outside of office hours and I didn’t feel like the work was purposeful. It was either quitting or burning out.”

Many millennials find themselves in similar situations like my latest client, Tobias. They have to make the decision Tobias did – happiness and health over career. Tobias found a new company to add value to. Smaller enterprise, doing good things in the world of food. The job offers more room for his creativity.

“I moved to the West Coast for this new gig. I felt like living in a new environment, despite my work being remote. The work is cool. The new house and life are awesome, I can be outdoors so much ore. But I still feel like I’m burned out. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m working in Social Media.”

First thing we did was unpack the energetic impact of his journey of the last two years. The soul-sucking job and the long Covid measures drained Tobias’ human battery to the red zone. You might recognize the lethargic feelings from long term lockdowns and isolation in combination with digital fatigue.

From there, Tobias did two things that are very energy intensive: changing habitat and company.

Getting used to a new neighborhood is one thing, finding your way in a new city is that times 5. Where do I find stuff in this new supermarket? Where do I get good coffee? Where do I go for nice live jazz? Exploring and discovering is fun, but it costs energy. Energy that he was already running low on.

Same goes for switching jobs. Different function in the same company is one thing, different function in different company means new colleagues, processes and culture to adapt to. The process of observing, learning and adapting while performing as a professional calls upon your mental capacities, the first few weeks are extra tiring.

Changes in your environment – not having your go-to spots to chill and hang, are impactful. It takes time and energy to nest in a new space, until you call it your place. This is multiplied when we think of the social aspect.

Access to and interaction with your people is a big source of energy for humans. Take that away, and your energy flow balance is missing a big source of strength. Finding new people, making friends and creating strong social bonds takes time and energy.

The effects of not having your reloading sources is felt emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It’s more than normal for Tobias to be feeling even more burned out, because he started off with a drained battery. His intuition is asking if the nature of his job is the source of his energy disbalance.

“Social media means that I am always on. Creation, distribution and management of online content and engagement is fun, but exhausting. When my work hours are done, it’s like my brain is still looking for inspiration and solutions when I’m using these platforms personally.”

Following my intuition and the intuition of my clients takes my coaching session deeper – faster. Big insight that came in our session: Tobias loves jamming. Not just as a band making music. Jamming with colleagues on project deadlines and creative solutions.

“The energy of bouncing ideas around and being present while co-creating is such an energizing experience for me. I need that in my week.”

Not a surprise that Tobias is spending most of his office days in his home-office (read: at his kitchen table). He’s never been to the office building, never seen his colleagues in real life. Same goes for the previous job. His creative work takes place in solitude, in digital environments. Many of us recognize this in 2022. It’s the new reality of work. That’s why digital fatigue hits harder – in our personal life we still use our smartphones.

Navigating life in the 21st century requires you to figure out how much offline time you need. Daily – weekly – monthly.

Working digitally, meeting digitally, digital entertainment – always connected. It makes sense to blame the work, because it’s such a big chunk of your day. Still, asking yourself how you disengage and what your digital habits are in your personal life is fundamental to you reloading sufficiently.

Find out how you Stay Energized.