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Celebrating Boundaries

December Holidays are days that we are meant to spend with our loved ones, but in many cases, these gatherings can get on our nerves. Family members asking awkward questions, criticizing our life decisions, and the list goes on. Sometimes, rather than a family reunion, it feels like entering the butcher. I want to share

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Giving vs. Receiving

What do you enjoy more? Receiving or giving? Most people I work with are natural givers, and the ‘gift season’ offers interesting challenges. Bigger is better. The more the merrier. What do you give to someone who has everything? Apparently, that question holds a painful truth. A 37-year-old corporate athlete that just burned out taught

Nightmare on Holiday St

If you think everyone looks forward to reuniting with family during December holidays, I have a story for you. One of my clients opened my eyes to a different experience in this cold month. She didn't cherish any fond memories like family recipes or hugs and gifts around the fireplace. The outlook of spending more

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