Our energy household determines our mood, outlook on life and how we interact. Performing in the urban environment can leave us feeling drained.

Sometimes we feel trapped. The job, the house, the city, the country, and even the partner can make us feel stuck. The pursuit of happiness and freedom sounds great, but where do you even begin when you are too tired after a long day?

Participate in courses filled with scientific knowledge and tools about work-life balance and energy management. Join a masterclass and learn the benefits of consistent self-care and how to integrate this into your daily life.

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A journey inwards

Through introspective assignments we explore how we experience energy and replenish ourselves. Reflecting in a group setting ensures that we address the themes from different perspectives and walk our path with companions.

These sessions accumulate into the knowledge and understanding of your own Energy Management Compass. With a clear overview of your individual sources of energy you can maximize your productivity and creativity. Combine this curriculum with Yoga Nidra to integrate the behavioral changes you need effortlessly.

Connect to your core sources of energy and prevent dis-balance as an act of self-love.

Joining the Individual Flow courses allows you to:

  • Acknowledge your inner states

  • Know when you need what type of energy

  • Look at life playfully

  • Live free of shame and guilt

  • Incorporate Creativity and Curiosity into your Daily Routine

  • Access the roots of your emotional and rational programming

  • Discover how to update yourself

  • Redefine ambition and success

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