Inspirational keynotes

When facing changes, hidden fear and insecurity are the biggest obstacles for moving forward, draining energy.

We explore how our behavioral programming and conditioning can make it difficult to face challenges head on.

Together with your team we focus on practical methods and tools to welcome change without fear.


Tailored to the changes and opportunities in your organisation, we explore how to harness compassion, curiosity and creativity as positive drivers for change.

Participants leave feeling inspired and energized about their own ability to embrace change.

Both as an individual and as a team you learn:

  • 6 key characteristics of resilience

  • how to cultivate resilience

  • How to increase your adaptability quotient (AQ)

  • Power of vulnerability

  • Trust in process

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How do we embrace the new?

Letting go of the old can be hard. At the age of 25 everything changed. My mind struggled to cope with my new reality. It is a messy, hard and hilarious ride. I’ve summarized the most valuable lessons in how to cultivate resilience.

Based on these findings I deliver bespoke keynotes, training, and workshops for a range of companies across industries, enabling teams to feel safe in turbulent times. Main fields of expertise are Energy Management and Trusting Vulnerabilities. Sessions are tailored to trigger your organisation and add value to your mission.

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WOW – I don’t know what else to say. Amor shares his lessons in such an engaging way that leaves you energized for days.

Narges Lotfi, Yagoy - Yoga Your Way

Amor helped me to look at my roots and talents. He has a way with words that feels like acupuncture.

Ismail Oral, Diyanet