Too busy to burnout

busy busy busy - Crash busy busy busy - And crash 😂😂😂 A friend from high school texted me after I published a piece about giving and receiving - burnout. "I forget faces that are not related to work." I had not spoken to him in a year - last time was about some business. "I fix

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Schedule Some Time for You

New Year is the perfect occasion for updating your mindset and resetting your life into something that makes you feel more comfortable and happier. Do you ever feel like you spend most of your time working, rushing and stressing out? Like the day goes by with you running around trying to get stuff done and

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ME vs 30

  A clock started ticking the moment I received my master’s degree. I had six years and some change left to prove myself. The Game of Careers started, and I wanted to win. Everybody I knew launched themselves at traineeships at big corporations, but I had a way better plan. My own business as a

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