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050 Role Models of Change

We repeat the behaviors that we see. When we want to change our behavior, but have not seen anybody do it differently, the challenge is immense. Having people we look up to and inspire us to change is important, but what do you do when you don't have that? --- Send in a voice message:

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049 Your partner changes you

The people you let into your life make you who you are and become over time. Your partner is the person that you are involved with most, how much do they change you? Celebrating our 1 year anniversary we reflect on how we have changed each other. --- Send in a voice message:

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048 Speaking up for yourself

Creating the change that you have in mind for yourself means behaving differently in the same situation. When you are changing, your surrounding might experience this as odd. Are you willing to cause friction and stand up for yourself? --- Send in a voice message:

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047 Forgiving Yourself

Part of growth is acknowledging your mistakes and poor decisions. How do you look back on time spent with old beliefs and perspectives? We are the creators of our life and the change we embody is our choice. Can you be empathetic towards yourself? --- Send in a voice message:

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#046 Willpower and change

What is the fuel that drives change? Deciding to go for something is the first step. Getting up over and over again is how you get there. Let's talk about willpower. Is it the holy grail or a double edged sword? --- Send in a voice message:

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#045 Going Exclusive

Finding your partner is a search in that sea with plenty of fish. Maybe, sometimes we are fishing with multiple rods and hook. Also know as - just - dating a couple of people at the same time. Or keeping your options open. How and when does that change? Why do we go exclusive?  ---

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#044 Feelings about New Year Resolutions

Come January and people declare change in diet, new lifestyle choices and stopping addictions. Why do we wait for the new year for new habits? And how much do we keep our self to our resolutions? K and Amor jump into the topic from the perspective of change.    As the year comes to an

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#043 Reflecting on Change

This time we are reflecting on this year of making the Love Change Podcast. Amor started it by himself until K joined half a year ago. More than 40 episodes and 25 together. Both made a promise to be honest, taboo-free, and authentic and share openly about the messy process of change. There is always

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#042 Lies & Change

Lies. Far far removed from speaking your truth is hiding it. We all tell lies, don't we? Yet it's not considered a virtue. How do you deal with someone who is confessing a lie? Discovering a hidden truth changes the status quo. The secrets that others keep from us change our relationship when they surface.

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#041 Conflicts: Change & Relationships

Friction is a sign of movement. Conflicts are filled with friction. How we deal with conflict determines a lot in our life. Do you face uncomfortable situations head on?    After two weeks of bad mojo in our relationship, many talks & walks and plenty of deep sighs, we can talk about it. Conflict, a

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