How about a new recipe for the last month of the year?

As much as these 31 days are filled with days off, festivities and holiday gatherings, I never seem to come out energized. On the contrary. As soon as November ends, I start rushing. Like I am approaching a finish line and am hardwired to push out a final sprint.

Pick up the pace. Ignore all signs of fatigue. Execute. Accelerate. Sit down at Christmas dinner with an exhaustion that begs for hibernation. A tense neck and full head cancel out rest and relaxation. Wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of all the to do’s left before the 31st.

Do you want to get rid of that old way of cooking yourself?

The new recipe serves up a nice December Challenge, takes 30 minutes of undisturbed journaling and this is how you make yours:

Give yourself about 10 minutes of journaling per step. Write courageously by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Speak uncensored, taboo-free, shameless and be radically honest with yourself. Nobody else is reading this, but you.

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Write out your answers and send this letter to your future self by scheduling it as an email with the topic December Challenge. Schedule it for when it will impact you most! (Mine is arriving next Sunday.)

  1. Acknowledge all the things that are rushing you. What do you feel behind on? What things give you the feeling of concern or disappointment if you do not get them done before the end of the year? Sit with yourself and acknowledge these subconscious thoughts and feelings.
  2. Reflect on last years December and January. Open your photo library and scroll back. Tune into your body and remember how you were feeling energy wise. How connected were you with your values? Refresh your memory on the energetic costs and benefits of last years recipe.
  3. Write up all the things that you are proud of this year. Accomplishments, breakthrough’s, achievements. All the success moments you experienced. People, places and events that gave you inspiration and energy. Here is the December Challenge: How / when / with who am I celebrating these successes?

Final step of the recipe: schedule at least 3 gatherings with these successes in mind. Repeat this step as often as you like :D

In case you are wondering what this recipe looks like when it’s done, check out mine as an example.

I’m stressed out about the coming two weeks.

Workwise, my hands are in my hair. After 3 months of searching I found a copywriter and my team seemed complete. She quit this week, so now I have to pick up the work she was doing on top of my actual responsibility: my new website. I’m trying to finish it since September and I feel like a failure for taking so long. My old website doesn’t match my new branding and is way outdated on how I position myself. It makes me angry that I haven’t done the only truly urgent and important thing on my to-do list.

Personally, I’m excited and a bit all over the place. I’m going to my first Strategic Coach workshop in London – big networking opportunity. Again – outdated website. GRRR. The week after we’re flying to Medellin, Colombia. Still have to rent out our own place, otherwise I’m paying double rent! That would be a big bummer. I have to order catheters – how many times am I going to pee the coming three months? On top of all this I’m having a ton of FOMO around all the cryptocurrency booms that I’m missing out on. As soon as we land, I’ll be able to slow down a bit.

Last year December we just got back from Medellin. The cold, lockdown and prices in Amsterdam made us hit a bit of a winter depression. We wanted to pack our bags and migrate immediately, that stressed us out bigtime. Also my sister and mom had slight panic reactions to such a big move on short notice. I got really fat eating my emotions away, didn’t connect with my friends as much as I like. Workwise, I was worried about people signing up for the mindReset program. Developing all the sessions, recording the video’s, all that stuff had me looking like a confused squirrel.

This year I grew so much closer with my girlfriend. We are able to open up on a whole other level, super comfortable with each other and our quirks. Our sex life is benefitting from the better connection we have, more trust and less anxiousness. I call her my day one. Foundational person in my life. Saying goodbye to the Love Change podcast allowed both of us to spread our wings as entrepreneurs. Because of her presence my work is evolving rapidly. I hired 6 people, fired 3, one quit. The team is amazing. I love Mexican creativity. We rebranded my corporate identity, created a comic, launched a newsletter and are cooking up more timeless pieces. I hosted 5 new workshops at Yagoy, facilitated over 70 people and saw so many aha moments that I lost count. My speaking career went international, 150+ people from over 12 countries have heard my story and know about the Energetic Dimensions!

I’m celebrating all this with everybody who shows up at my goodbye party, it’s going to be an amazing night! My family is gathering for a nice dinner together, won’t be seeing them for 3 months… going to miss them. In Colombia they celebrate Christmas for 20 days or so. Curious about the plans we have with our friends there. Who ever I speak with, I’m going to talk about the December Challenge!