Come January and people declare change in diet, new lifestyle choices and stopping addictions. Why do we wait for the new year for new habits? And how much do we keep our self to our resolutions? K and Amor jump into the topic from the perspective of change.   

As the year comes to an end and we have time to slow down during the holidays, reflection is a natural activity. With looking back and learning, we also make up our resolve for the new year. What sort of resolutions do you have? Are they focused on your career, personal development, health or relationships.   Standing still, reflecting, visioning and making intentions are powerful practices. Don’t wait for december, do it as a routine.  

Join us for the Love Change Podcast as we are talking about #resolutions.   

If you care about connecting on a real and shame-free level, this podcast is filled with taboo-less confessions, laughter, as well as some surprising moments about making resolutions.

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