This time we are reflecting on this year of making the Love Change Podcast. Amor started it by himself until K joined half a year ago. More than 40 episodes and 25 together. Both made a promise to be honest, taboo-free, and authentic and share openly about the messy process of change. There is always space for growth but also the realization that dealing with change is a skill and you can get better doing it.

Both talk about the evolution and change they went through, not only through the podcast episodes but also in their private life. K shares how much discomfort there was in the beginning and how much she would act rather than be herself when live.

They discuss their learning experience and how each time they need to sit in discomfort in order to be able to share from a place of authenticity. What both care about is to look at the journey of change rather than shining light at the perfect end result.

Join us for the Love Change Podcast as we are #reflecting on this past yar. We share how it felt to open up about things that we even wouldn’t tell our mom about.

If you care about connecting on a real and shame-free level, this podcast is filled with taboo-less confessions, laughter, as well as some surprising moments about this year in retrospect.

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