Lies. Far far removed from speaking your truth is hiding it. We all tell lies, don’t we? Yet it’s not considered a virtue. How do you deal with someone who is confessing a lie? Discovering a hidden truth changes the status quo. The secrets that others keep from us change our relationship when they surface.  Why do we even lie? 

Are we trying to protect the other person. Or are we saving ourselves a confrontation and a conflict?  We have opinions and thoughts about ourselves and others. Do we have to be open about our internal dialogue? When are lies harmful? When are they necessary? Lies are not as binary as we would like to think, but they are very slippery. 

Join us for the Love Change Podcast as we are exploring the topic of #lies. We share how it feels to be lied to and how we react to the concept.  

If you care about connecting on a real and shame-free level, this podcast is filled with taboo-less confessions, laughter, as well as some surprising facts about what lies do to us.

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